Brian Phillips Legal

Brian Phillips Legal

Before practising as a lawyer, Brian was employed as a town planner in local government and the private sector for 10 years.

It was working in local government that he commenced studying for his law degree. This led to him appearing in the Local Court and in the Land & Environment Court, as an expert witness, on behalf of local government.

Brian’s experience as a planner covered both development control and strategic planning. Assessing development applications (DAs), ranging from single dwelling houses to multi storey mixed developments, together with assisting in the preparation of LEPs and DCPs formed part of his daily work as a town planner.

As a lawyer, and using his planning background, Brian specialises in town planning, local government and environmental law. He has appeared in the L&E Court in Class 1 (merit), Class 4 (points of law), Class 2 (tree) appeals and in the Local Court on neighbourhood fencing disputes.

Brian has also appeared in the District and Supreme Court on property related matters such as easements and building disputes.

Apart from assisting clients on the legal aspects town planning he also provides a consultancy service as a qualified town planner. This service includes assisting clients in preparing DAs, Statement of Environmental Effects, submissions to councils against proposed developments, affecting local residents, on draft local environmental plans (LEPs), Planning Proposals for rezoning and associated work.



Town Planning Local Govt. /

Town planning & environmental issues, both legal and otherwise, are Brian’s speciality.

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Fundamentally, civil law protects the private rights of citizens, attempts to resolve disputes and offers remedies.

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Wills / Power
of Attorney
A Will is a document setting out the intentions of a person after death. A Power of Attorney (PoA) is NOT a Will.

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Property /
Strata Titles

In all matters where easements are sought the burdened party is entitled to just compensation for the grant of an easement

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Brian Phillips Legal



Bachelor of Urb & Reg Plng (Hons) (UNE);
BLegS (Maquarie)

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